In School Emotional Learning Florida

In School Emotional Learning Florida

In School Emotional Learning Florida

In-School Emotional Learning Florida

Although social and emotional learning is relatively novel, and more research is needed, numerous studies have shown that students with the right social and emotional learning backgrounds make significant academic, social, behavioral, and academic gains. Unfortunately, many teachers and administrators wish to teach SEL in their classrooms but do not even know where to start. If you find yourself in these shoes, you need not look beyond The Social Black Belt's in-school emotional learning in Florida program.

How is your in-school social emotional learning in Florida structured?

Our social and emotional education and skills development program teaches students research-based social and emotional skills. Teachers can choose either the 5-hour social and emotional learning course, or the full term SEL curriculum. Both programs come with a Teacher's Guide and Exercises.

The packages also come with an audio and/or paperback book written by Dr. Cotman and Michael Keelen, the leading in-school emotional learning in Florida experts. Our training program supports in-person training as well as remote learning, and we also have an e-learning platform to optimize engagement.

What does your program teach?

  1. Self-awareness

Our program can help kids, teens, and adults understand their emotions and develop the right core values. People who have a high level of self-awareness are better at controlling their thoughts, feelings, and actions. We also teach people to accurately estimate their strengths and weaknesses while maintaining an optimistic outlook to life.

  1. Self-management

This aspect of the program focuses on helping people regulate their emotions and behaviors. They pick up important values like stress management, controlling impulses, delaying gratification, and persevering in the face of challenges.

  1. Social awareness

Our social and emotional learning program in Florida can help people develop empathy and compassion for everyone. These values are needed to live peacefully with people from different backgrounds and cultures. It also touches on how to understand social norms and recognize the resources and supports available when challenges surface.

  1. Relationship skills

This aspect of our mental and emotional health education program emphasizes the importance of healthy and rewarding relationships as well as how to maintain them. The students will develop skills such as concise communication, active listening, and cooperation. We also help students understand that not all relationships are beneficial, and we teach them how to resist inappropriate social pressure.

  1. Problem-solving and decision making

This is the apart of our social and emotional learning in Florida that teaches how to make better choices in the face of alternatives. It will require considering how the choices we make affect us as well as other people. We also teach the essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills that prepare students for the challenges of the present as well as what lies ahead.

Contact the foremost experts on in-school emotional learning in Florida

Do you want to know more about social-emotional learning in Florida? Or you're ready to purchase our program for your school or social group? Contact Social Black Belt on 941.777.5790, and we'll be glad to provide all the help you need.

In School Emotional Learning Florida

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In School Emotional Learning Florida