Student Empathy Training Florida

Student Empathy Training Florida

Student Empathy Training Florida

Why do children choose to share their crayons or playing tools? It is never about enabling the child to use pencils or toys. The main reason is that the child is preventing loneliness and disappointment for their friend. Can we continue this culture of enforcing empathy on students as they advance through school?

Our empathy activators have spent years collecting information about practical student empathy training in Florida. The first step is to help teachers gain confidence in the empathy training program for students. Why should you choose our student empathy training program?

Reasons we have the best empathy training program in Florida.


How do you teach empathy to elementary students? Educators are the models of their training programs. We lead individuals to understand their psyche by demonstrating the power of emotional intelligence through our interactions. The teacher models and mirrors a positive learning environment that enforces certain behaviors and emotional responses.

Michael Keelem is a powerful enforcer of our program. He has real-life experience of structuring his emotions and has grown to live a full life with proper educational qualifications and thriving hobbies. Dr. Christopher is a licensed psychologist who uses his public platform to raise awareness of mental health. He has four books on mental wellness and is an active tutor for the Social Black Belt.

Teaching program

We use several teaching points to communicate different points of view. We understand that our clients have valid life perceptions and do not seek to erase and replace your mind with our principles. Our learning programs discuss the value of understanding different people’s views so you can expand your empathetic capability.

Reference literature

Literature is essential in helping students understand a situation from a different perspective that varies from the educator’s explanation. The reading material will typically have in-depth accounts that are easy to brush over. Our learning materials include:

  • A five-hour emotional and social learning course with practice exercises
  • Complete curriculum with the teacher’s guide
  • Paperback and audiobook by both Michael and Dr. Cortman

Active listening

A common obstacle in enforcing empathy is poor listening skills. Individuals who cannot comprehend a basic conversation will not recognize the pointers that help define their next step. Our remote learning program has steps to build empathy in students with the following simple listening skills:

  • Stop your current activity and internal dialogue to free the mind
  • Engage with the remote speaker to note essential cues in the learning process
  • Anticipate the next learning step to enhance your listening motivation
  • Replay the lesson to paraphrase it into information you can understand with minimal dialogue

Conscious learning

A state of awareness for your thoughts and feelings increase the ability of compassionate education. We encourage students to increase empathy by exploring their cognitive skills.

Developing empathy is a complicated emotional and cognitive learning process. We break down this journey with simple teaching activities. We adopt the most effective psychological skills so you can identify emotions and thoughts that will form your new brain pattern for empathy. Contact our student empathy training in Florida on (941) 777-5790 for a guideline on joining the curriculum.


Student Empathy Training Florida

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Student Empathy Training Florida

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Student Empathy Training Florida