Youth Empowerment Florida

Youth Empowerment Florida

Youth Empowerment Florida

What skills do we teach in our youth empowerment program?

Among the leading youth empowerment services you can find in Florida, there is Social Black Belt with Licensed psychologist, author, and founder Dr. Christopher Cortman at its head. It was created to teach several skills that we believe can help young people improve their lives.

This youth empowerment Florida program is taught through a series of emotional lessons, books, and audiobooks created to provide a roadmap to a streamlined and effective way to achieve emotional and social learning for young people.

If you have been asking yourself how you can empower youth, Social Black Belt has developed what we call a program of 10 simple truths that we know can help improve lives.

10 simple truths for an empowered youth

Social Black Belt believes that these truths can help anyone live a better life. Whether you are an administrator, guidance counselor, program director, or a teacher looking to improve your students' social, emotional, and behavioral well-being, we can help in a short period of time with skills that will last a lifetime.

  • Truth 1: You don't have to be confused by your feelings anymore.
  • Truth 2: You can control your impulsive behaviors if you change your thoughts and address your problems.
  • Truth 3: Every behavior has a purpose, and it's not always what you think.
  • Truth 4: Sometimes, your worst enemy is you.
  • Truth 5: All behavior requires permission, so you must learn what you permit yourself to do.
  • Truth 6: You have a limited amount of emotional energy, so it shouldn't be wasted on wishing, worrying, and whining.
  • Truth 7: Healthy relationships depend on self-empowerment, not trying to fix others.
  • Truth 8: Ego boundaries protect us from rejection, insult, and intimidation.
  • Truth 9: You can trust people to be who they are, not who you want them to be.
  • Truth 10: Time doesn't heal all pain; we heal ourselves by learning to let the pain go.

What does our youth services curriculum include?

Social Black Belt offers SEL programs and curriculum for students. We support them in-person and also in remote learning. The course includes a five-hour-long social and emotional learning guide with exercises, a full-term SEL curriculum with a teacher's guide and practices, as well as an audio and/or paperback book written by Dr. Cortman and Michael Keelen. Besides, there is access to an e-learning platform that helps optimize engagement.

Who is Black Social Belt's youth empowerment Florida team?

As we mentioned above, the program is led by Dr. Christopher Cortman. He runs a private practice in Sarasota County, Florida, where he treats people with emotional trauma, relationship issues, depression, and personality and anxiety disorders. For six consecutive years, he was awarded the Reader's Choice Award for Best Psychologist by the Venice Gondolier Sun.

Black Social Belt's youth Empowerment Florida program is also led by Michael Keelen, a former at-risk youth. He has volunteered for numerous charitable organizations, coached youth sports, and directed a mentorship program for at-risk adolescents.

Would you like to know more? Contact Social Black Belt at 941.777.5790.

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